We want to make customized package for earphones, can you help us to make design?

Yes, we can.

Everyone who knows how to make acustom-made box knows that customizing this is a more complicated process. Notonly is the cost high and the production cycle is relatively long, and the costof re-doing if there is a deviation or mistake in the production process isalso very high. Therefore, we are very concerned about the printing ofcustom-made packaging boxes for our customers. Of course, the same is true forcustomers. Therefore, we all know that we need advanced proofing before thecustomer orders. We often meet customers who trust us very much. They are veryconfident to place orders directly, but we will also proof the customer first.Production is confirmed after confirmation.

At this time, some people will ask, is itthat the custom-made packaging box can be produced with confidence? However,this is not the case. We generally show customers digital samples. Thecraftsmanship, materials and processes of large goods are very different fromthose of digital samples. The role of digital samples is only to give a generaleffect to customers who need customized packaging boxes. The effect of largegoods must be better than digital samples. Because the process is added to thebig goods.

We basically do a big sample before we canmake a digital sample. With our many years of experience, we can know that aslong as this big sample is made without any problems, the big goods of thisproduct will not be a problem.

At this time, some customers may say, whydon't you directly confirm the large samples to us? This way you can producedirectly. Not only can our customers directly see the effect of custom-madeboxes, but your factory can also complete production without errors. If thecustomer has not confirmed the order, we will directly do the bulk of thegoods, the cost we have to spend is very large. In case the customer does notrepent, or if the size is to be modified later, many of the efforts and effortsmade before can be said to be in vain. The cost of wasting may be severalthousand pieces, and the waste is mainly the cost of the mold. Few customersare willing to pay such a high proofing fee, and we have no ability to bear thecost. Therefore, the digital sample just makes up for this shortcoming. We allknow that the difference between digital and large goods is not very big,basically it is only the effect of the process.



                                                          From BOSTA company

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