Multi Driver IEM versus Single Driver Full Size Headphones?

Multi driver IEMs:
– Easier to tune to a perfect frequency response as the designer intended. – Multi driver usually means more complete frequency presentation, especially at the bass end. – BA drivers means good articulation across the frequencies, no instruments getting mixed up. – Easier to drive, doesn’t demand a high current amp.

– Multi driver usually is less coherent than single driver IEM or headphone. – Multi driver IEM doesn’t have the refinement of the big flagship headphone drivers.

Big Full Size Flagships:
– Overall fidelity, sound quality most of the time better.
– Single driver gives a very coherent sound.
– Scales up better to more sophisticated amp/DACs.

– Harder to pull off a perfect tonal balance, which often also results in a more polarizing presentation. ie Awesome with this music, not so with that music. – Can’t deliver an equally “complete” frequency response as a multi driver BA IEM.

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